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Daily Blessings

Fall ColorsThis is the day the LORD has made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.  Psalm 118:24 [NKJV]

Sunny days here in Oregon are often few and far between, so when one comes along we Oregonians get excited and today is one of those days!

It is the middle of October, 73 degrees outside, sunshine is bathing the fall colors so that they vibrantly glow.  Red, yellow, orange, brown, gold, and green leaves swirl, leap and jump across my path as a gentle breeze blows my hair.  

“What a beautiful day!  Isn’t it exciting!”  a lady behind me exclaims as we leave the grocery store.
 “Yes,!”  I reply ” We better enjoy it!”   
“Oh, I am”  she says.  ” I had some vacation time l left at work, so I chose to take this morning off.  I just had to be outside to experience this day!”  

Her enthusiasm was so vibrant.  It was refreshing to meet someone who was excited to be alive and taking time to enjoy God’s creation.
I am sure God was smiling at her words.  

Thank You Lord, for blessing us with beautiful, sunny, vibrant days that awaken our senses to You and your creation.  Thank you for the warmth, rich fall colors, and  gentle breezes.  But…thank You also, for everyday You give us, even those wet, dreary, cloudy days or the cold, blustery ones, that cause us to run inside for cover. For I know that all days have their purpose and they all contain a blessing from You if we will but look.  

It is not hard to rejoice and be glad for today’s sunshine but, in Oregon, it is often difficult to give thanks for the rain.  However, each, is a day the Lord has made, and we can rejoice and give thanks because He has given us another day of life to live abundantly for Him!

Let’s be enthusiastic, excited, to experience each day of life, for no matter what the weather, the Lord has made the day and wants us to rejoice and be glad in it!